Pakistani media needs to highlight sustainable innovations in Agriculture Sector.

The Directorate of Public Relations and Protocol (PR&P) of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) organize an Exposure Visit of Electronic and Print Media Group focus to familiarize the media about agri-research and evolution activities being carried at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad to circulate further these R&D activities/new Innovations /technologies and information among stakeholders through media.
National Institute for Genomics & Biotechnology (NIGAB) which is as a leading biotechnology institute both at national as well as international level and Tissue Culture Labs were also intensely visited by the media persons. National Gene bank of Pakistan at Bioresearches Conservation Institute (BCI) was also visited which has two types of conservation facilities for the seed of orthodox crop species at low temperature and relative humidity. Media persons showed their keen interest in agri. Research activities carried out by NARC and ensured to highlight to disseminate new agricultural information/knowledge among the farming community.
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