PARC Sanctioned To Cultivate Hybrid Fodder Crops Commercially

The Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) meeting was held at PARC headquarters, in Islamabad. The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) gave consent for the commercial cultivation of two newly developed hybrid varieties of fodder crops. These two varieties were developed and tested in pilot projects before finding them feasible for large-scale cultivation, officials say. Both hybrid varieties were obtained through experiments on the Sorghum Sudan Grass (S.S). The S.S fodder hybrids are high yielding with wider adaptability. “But the idea of evolving two new SS hybrid fodder varieties gained currency after we found evidence through initial research that they can give higher per-hectare yield and can also be grown even in not-so-friendly climatic conditions,” says a PARC official. Meanwhile Chairman PARC, Dr. Nadeem Amjad lauded the efforts of the scientists and other stakeholders for introducing new maze varieties.