Prime Minister Agriculture Programme: A Plan to Develop 11 Agri Sectors in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Under the Prime Minister’s National Emergency Agriculture Programme , officials in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agriculture Department told APP news agency that work on 11 gigantic development projects including improvement of watercourses worth Rs19,586 million, water conservation in barani areas costing Rs14,176.967 million and enhancement of command areas of the barani areas worth Rs2,739 million have been accelerated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Likewise, work on enhancement of productivity of wheat costing Rs2,195.214 million, sugarcane worth Rs421.210 million, rice costing Rs330.117 million and oil seed worth Rs546.830 million were underway, which on completion would make the province self-sufficient in production of these seasonal crops and reduce its prices at open market.

To increase milk and meat production in KP, three mega projects Feedlot Fattening Programme worth Rs826.573 million, Save the Calf costing Rs1,554.019 million and Poverty Alleviation through Development of Backyard Poultry worth Rs1,009.814 million started in 2019, were expedited to alleviate poverty and bolster income of the farmers.

Livestock growers and farmers of KP including merged tribal districts have showed keen interest in ‘Save the Calf’ worth Rs1,554 million that includes KP government share of Rs1,243 million and Rs135 million contribution by the federal government.

Work on ICT based improved extension services model and enhancement in agricultural extension services in merged areas worth Rs3,000 million and soil fertility mapping of KP worth Rs603.828 million were launched.

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