Punjab Seed Council Sanction New Seedless Variety of Citrus

The Punjab Seed Council has sanctioned a new variety of citrus on Monday, 1st February 2016 The approval of this new seedless variety was given by the Punjab Seed Council  in its 45th meeting held at Agriculture House, Lahore.  This new variety of citrus called RE-2016 is seedless and its sowing could help promote exporting citrus from the Punjab to Russia, Britain, the United States, Germany and other European countries. Noteworthy, it has 45 percent more juice than any other ordinary varieties and can be preserved for a longer period. An ordinary variety has 20 to 28 seeds while 95 percent of fruits of this variety have just one seed in it. A council representative was optimistic about the variety, saying, “Optimistically, this seedless citrus will win commendation for Pakistan in the international market. Punjab government and the agricultural scientists doing many efforts to produce international standard citrus fruit in the territory to enhance its exports and earn a precious foreign exchange.”