Rapid adoption of biotech maize in Pakistan

According to a study, it is predicted that the commercialization of biotech corn will spur the growth of maize fabrication. Similarly, it is evaluated that the rapid adoption of biotech maize in Pakistan beginning 2019 will deliver around US$1 billion additional benefits to farmers, labor, brokers, and grain use industry in the next 10-year period. This will not only help to support our future food and feed demands but also increase the productivity of our farmers sustainably. Biotech maize field trials exhibited splendid performance in farmers’ fields. Field demonstrations of biotech maize have also been conducted in past to exhibit their performance to maize farmers. The commercial sale of biotech maize will be a significant milestone in Pakistan since it deregulated Bt cotton in 2010.
Original Link:  https://www.pakissan.com/2018/09/29/commercialization-of-biotech-corn-to-spur-growth-of-maize-production/