Sesamum Seeds worth $120m Exported to China in 2021

China imported 92,516. 55 tonnes in 2021 and was one of the main destinations for sesamum seeds exports from Pakistan, while in 2020 it was only 38,000 kilograms, according to the official data from the General Administration of Customs of the People`s Republic of China. Commercial Counsellor of Pakistan in China Badar Uz Zaman said that normally there is a trend of cultivating traditional crops like wheat and rice, but now the Pakistani farmers are also getting knowledge of the high-end and high-priced products like sesamum seed. Many new exporters have been added to the General Administration of Customs of China list that increased the scale, but still, we have a big potential and the Pakistani farmers also understand the varieties and the types of the sesame seed that is popular in China,” Mr Zaman said.

He said that Pakistan is collaborating in the agriculture sector with China. Similarly, many agriculture machinery suppliers, he said, are also providing high-end technical machines like sorting machines to the Pakistani processors of sesamum seeds and the packaging has also improved. He said that two bordering countries with over 70 years of relationship, unfortunately, do not have sesame seeds trade. Pakistan should be the first priority for China to import sesame seeds because of the quick transit time, he added.

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