DSR sowing method is the most popular technique in Pakistan

In Pakistan, DSR sowing method in rice crop is getting popular day by day, with the area under DSR gradually increasing. Last year, the estimated area under DSR was 114 thousand acres, out of which 104 thousand acres were in Punjab alone. Transplanted puddled rice (TPR) is the preferred mode for growing the crop in Pakistan. Rice is a water-loving cereal. It takes about 3,000 to 5,000 liters of water to produce one kilogram of rice. 93.6 per cent of freshwater in Pakistan is consumed by the agriculture of which rice accounts for 35pc. Due to diminishing water resources and high water demand of TPR, it is the need of the hour to enhance water-use efficiency and water productivity. Among various technologies, dry direct-seeded rice (DSR) is the best option for water conservation.
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