A Solution to the Wheat Shortage: Genetically Modified Crops

According to official document, other initiatives proposed for fiscal year 2022-23 in agriculture sector include, corporate agriculture farming, deceleration of FMD Free Zones and local production of FMD vaccines and mechanization harvesting and post harvesting processes. On the other hand, private investment in the crop sector of agriculture registered high double-digit growth of 25.6 percent which is close to 26 percent real growth in the crop sector attracted last year.

However, the projected agriculture growth performance at 3.9 percent would mainly contingent upon revival of cotton and wheat production, consistent availability of water, certified seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and agriculture credit facilities. It is pertinent to mention here that during the current fiscal year, agriculture sector exceeded its envisaged targets of Annual Plan 2021-22 (3.5 percent) given the strong crop sector performance. Agriculture sector posted growth of 4.4 percent against the last year growth of 3.5 percent.

Although, cotton production remained below target during 2021-22, however, it was 17.9 percent greater than the crop output of last year. Agriculture sector, the backbone of country’s economy is expected to grow by 3.9 percent during the upcoming fiscal year (2022-23).

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