The Role ‘Green’ Laboratories can play in Opposition to the Climate Change

Several organizations such as My Green Lab, Irish Green Labs (currently under development), Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Ciruléire, and others are assisting scientists across Ireland to make a positive change to their work and create a culture of sustainability in the laboratory.

However, more effort is required before 2030 and this program offers a clear measurable solution to implement sustainable energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly green laboratory practices in the many research laboratories in our universities, colleges, and schools.

The Breakthrough Outcome for the Pharma Sector states: “95% of laboratories across major pharma and med-tech companies are My Green Lab certified at the green-level by 2030.” Its certification program was selected because it has clear, measurable goals that enable the system changes necessary to turn the ‘Race to Zero’ vision into a reality in the scientific industry.

Recent extreme weather events experienced all over the world due to climate change have brought home the urgent need for the Higher Education sector to increase their efforts and lead the fight to limit environmental impact, increase sustainability and improve the quality of life of people impacted by the changes.

The Green Lab Certification program from My Green Lab, the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to improving the sustainability of scientific research, has been selected as a key indicator of progress for the UNFCCC High-Level Climate Champions’ 2030 Breakthroughs campaign.

However, more needs are done in third-level institutions across the country to address waste, educate sustainable practices, fund an adequately resourced sustainability office, develop a climate action strategy, and adopt a top-down approach to drive the changes required.

In the lead-up to the COP26 Climate Change Conference, the Green Lab Certification program was chosen as the main player in helping pharmaceutical and medical technology companies contribute to achieving the goal of a zero-carbon world by 2050.

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