US to help Pakistan introduce genetically-engineered corn

The Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has said that future collaborative projects between the US and Pakistan include using American soybean feed in poultry, fish farming, and dairy industries, introducing genetically-engineered maize and working with various government departments to evolve uniform food safety standards. “Approval of genetically-engineered maize is currently being contemplated in Pakistan. It would offer farmers a tool to enlarge their production and reduce the use of agricultural chemicals,” he claimed.
USDA is working with Pakistan Agriculture Research Council scientists for reducing aflatoxin (toxic fungus) in food crops. US scientists were working with a private sector maize company in Pakistan to develop a technology to combat aflatoxin, said the US official. About cotton, he said this sector is a tremendous win-win situation for Pakistan. Textile is a large export earner for Pakistan in which cotton as raw material imported from the US has a significant share in Pakistan’s textiles.
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