Yunnan Province Cooperates with Pakistan to Boost Wheat Production

BEIJING – The production of wheat, Pakistan`s most important crop, is expected to rise with Sino-Pak cooperation this year, according to China`s Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS). Yunnan and Pakistan have similarities in climate, wheat variety characteristics, cultivation conditions, meanwhile confronted with shared challenges including stripe rust, drought, high temperature, etc. Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS) and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) started cooperation in 2014. Especially, in 2017, via China National Seed Group Co., Ltd., Yunnan Hybrid Wheat No. 12 variety was grown in Pakistan on a trial basis. Academically, through cooperative research, the two sides have jointly published four SCI papers and publications on drought relief, rust disease, and hybrid wheat, etc.

Through fully tap and utilize both China and Pakistan`s wheat gene characteristics, we will further consolidate the joint research of wheat breeding especially resistance breeding such as disease resistance, insect resistance, drought resistance and lodging resistance, high-yield breeding, and multi-functional breeding, etc., Luo said.

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