Zimbabwe to evolve cotton farming instigate three hybrid seeds

Zimbabwe Government launched the new cotton hybrids stipulate Quinton’s in partnership with its major investor, Mahyco, an agricultural India based firm. The hybrids are Mahyco C571, Mahyco C567, and Mahyco C608. Despite cotton being one of the vital foreign currency earners in the country, its fabrication had been diminished in the past due to high production costs and low producer prices paid by ginners. Deputy Minister Marapira said in this launching programme, “Let me assure you that government remains committed to enliven the cotton sub-sector and has through varied interventions such as the presidential Inputs Programme, distributed 8000 tons of cottonseed to 400,000 farmers across the country.” The government has also indicated willingness to offer competitive prices to farmers to ensure viability as this year government is expecting a huge jump in cotton production.
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