National Assembly Speaker Presents Seven Years Agriculture Growth Strategy

In a bid to build the national consensus on the proposed agricultural growth strategy, Asad Qaiser called for close scrutiny of the entire strategy, said a press release. He said after a presentation to the sub-committee of the cabinet on Agriculture, the strategy would be presented to Prime Minister Imran Khan and subsequently, the report would be laid in the National Assembly for debate. The convener of the sub-committee Shandana Gulzar Khan briefed the meeting on agricultural growth strategy. She presented a data-driven snapshot of the structure of Pakistan’s agriculture sector followed by a presentation of the Sub-Committee’s proposed strategy.

Shandana Gulzar highlighted that the overarching goal of the proposed strategy was to boost agricultural exports, accelerate rural-development-driven economic growth, reduce rural poverty, enhance financial and gender inclusion in the agricultural sector. She said the proposed model envisions a pro-poor growth strategy focusing on the transformation of the business model of the 7.4 million smallholder farmers who cultivate 48% of the total cultivable land.

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