Nigeria: Genetically Modified Crops Harmful for Human Consumption, Group Insists

These organic fertilisers can be used to nurture the soil and also produce good food which would be good for each and every one of us.” Further commenting on the health implications of GMO-enhanced produce, she said, “Recently, we’ve been seeing too many cases of cancers, infections and skin diseases that we can’t know where they are coming from and most of these things can sometimes be attributed to the kinds of food we eat- too much of chemicals.

But he said the organic farming approach, which is a subset of agroecology, offered the safest and most sustainable agriculture that is both beneficial for humans and the environment.” Speaking at the practical agroecology training for farmers and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Abuja, Adeoluwa, who is also the Continental Coordinator, Network of Organic Agriculture Researches in Africa, further said Nigerian agricultural exports to Europe and other international markets had often been rejected over the use and abuse of chemicals especially in preserving the produce.

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