The hybrid fruit: Papple

‘Crunchy like an apple, sweet like a pear’: The hybrid fruit has been described as ‘a pear disguised as an apple’Initially released in the UK in 2012, sources claim Australian release is imminent. It annexes the ranks of other hybrid fruits including the grapple and boysenberry.
‘It has taken three generations of crosses over various decades for the New Zealand breeders to come up with promising new variation with just the right mix of fruit renown along with the productivity, long storage and shelf life, and attractive appearance necessary for commercialization.’ Despite its name and look, the papple has no connection to the apple family and is a hybrid of two European pears types of research at the New Zealand Plant and Food Research Program bred and began experimenting with in 1996. The unusual fruit, known as a ‘papple’ and manufactured in New Zealand, is essentially a pear disguised as an apple. ‘papple’ hybrid would be available in Australian. It follows a succession of previous fruit variations, including the grapple, boysenberry, orangelo and pineberry to name a few.
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